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my name is nailz.

I am a hopeless Johnny's Jimusho fangirl, especially all things NEWS. I watch a ridiculous amount of j-dramas and in general have a deep interest in Japanese culture. I am also in the SCA. As mentioned above, Clare is my partner in crime, the other half of Team Rocket, the duocracy, the Tego to my Masu...we've been friends forEVER so I am sure she will be hanging around here. Like a cat....once you feed it...

FloppyCorpse comes from 2 places. First, when we were kids we would ride in the back of the car and play "dead body", which is just like it sounds. You go limp and slide around corners, etc. Secondly, in college I and Clare went to hear a poet (Marvin Bell) talk about his book Nightworks, which has a series of poems entitled The Dead Man. Many weeks later, Clare and I were taking an evening cruise around the cities and she turned a corner and I played Dead Body. She couldn't remember the name of the game and mixed it somehow with The Dead Man and said "Floppy Corpse" instead. I found this to be Mighty Funny. So there's the story behind that. It's not some weird necro thing, but I might joke about it anyway coz that is funny as well. I make no excuses for my sick sense of humor. XD

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